Friday, January 11, 2013


For the first time in 22 years, I am unemployed.

When things started going downhill for my son a couple of years ago I knew the job I had at the time would not work for us; I was going to have to be out a lot for meetings, emergency pickups, etc.  When I found a job close to home and school that would allow me to work around the school issues, I rejoiced and jumped on it, even with the 40% pay cut.

Unfortunately, I was working for a friend.  Note to self:  Never work for friends again.

Over the last year, my "part-time and flexible" job turned into a 24/7 on call and at least 55 hours a week job.  Seems when people know your personal situation and know you need the job...they think you'll be a complete doormat to keep it.  Recently, my son's situation changed again and I discussed going back to my original hours with my boss.  Talks broke down and I was asked to resign, effective immediately.

So here we are.  Day 2 of having no job and I found out today that my son has been accepted at the private therapeutic school we've been trying to get into for 6 months.  I'm really trying to see this as an opportunity to try something new and make a new start, but being broke in the first place is making it hard not to panic.

People can be real assholes. 

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